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Zello's transcriptions feature automatically converts speech to text for more seamless, streamlined, and accessible communication. This feature is currently in beta and is available for all channel types across your Zello Work network. 

When enabled by a network admin, transcriptions afford users the ability to quickly read a voice message’s contents. This ensures:

  • Information shared on Zello remains accessible and findable. 
  • The content of a message is fully received by the recipient, even if they’re in a loud environment.


If using an iOS or Android device, ensure you’re operating on Zello version 5.28 or up. Information regarding the version of Zello currently operating on your device can be found under the Support section of the app. 

If using Dispatch Hub, ensure you’re operating on Zello version 15.14.0 or up.

Set Up

Transcriptions aren’t included in all Zello Work packages. If you’d like transcriptions added to your subscription, contact a member of the Zello team at Transcriptions will remain free throughout the Beta stage, but will require a pricing upgrade when fully released. 

Additionally, admins can enable templates that only apply transcriptions to certain user accounts. This is particularly beneficial if there’s concern that transcriptions will distract some network users—for example, drivers—but benefit others. 

For Users

Once an admin has enabled transcriptions, they’ll automatically accompany users’ voice messages on both the History and Recents screen. Note that only messages sent in channels can be transcribed at this time; this functionality is not supported in 1:1 messages. 


  • Transcriptions are limited to 1 minute. Messages longer than 1 minute won’t fully transcribe.

  • Received messages will be transcribed in the language of the users’ app. For example, if my Zello is set to English, then all messages I receive will be transcribed to English. 

  • We strongly encourage users to rate their transcriptions. To do so, long press the message and tap Rate transcription. (Rating is not available in Dispatch Hub.)

Transcriptions + Message Vault 

If Message Vault is included in your Zello Work subscription, transcriptions for each voice message will appear in the management console's History tab. Please note that this is controlled by your defined console settings, and will only occur if transcriptions have been turned on for the user in question. 

Additionally, transcriptions will be included in any metadata exports conducted from the management console. 


Transcriptions are currently in beta and will remain free throughout the duration of beta. Afterwards, transcriptions will require upgrading to Zello's Plus pricing tier. We’ll ensure customers are notified of that shift prior to its execution.