Why is my Savox BTR-155 or BTR-101 not working?

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Check the steps below to find out why your Savox device may not be working properly with Zello. 

1. Make sure the Savox is paired to your Android options and that it stays connected. Some devices will break the connection and you may want to forget the Savox from the Android Bluetooth settings, restart the phone, restart the Savox, and re-pair.

2. If the audio is working, but the button does not get added, you may have the wrong model. Turn the device around, and make sure it's a K551051. Other models will not work with Zello. You can purchase the right model here, don't forget to select the Standard version!

3. If the button is working but messages are still being recorded from your phone or tablet, make sure you've selected the Bluetooth icon from a user talk screen.

4. If you've verified the steps above and it still doesn't work, send a problem report to Zello. Go to Options > Support > Report problem and make sure you provide contact information so our support team can reach out to you. 

Once you sent in your problem report, email support@zellowork.com to follow-up on your issue.