Setting up Dellking (Wandfu) devices with Zello

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Zello Paid support


  1. Using the manufacturer's instructions, pair the Dellking speaker/mic to your phone
  2. Tap open the Zello app menu (3 vertical dots) at upper right
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Push-to-talk buttons
  5. Tap the Add (+) icon at bottom right
  6. When prompted, press the button on the Dellking to use as the PTT button
  7. The Dellking PTT Mic is added to your list of PTT buttons
  8. On the talk screen, turn on the Bluetooth option at the bottom left
    Screenshot_20190623-135641 (1).png
  9. Test the button by using it to send a message to your Echo contact on Zello.