David Clark noise canceling headset

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This article is written for: Zello Work Zello Friends & Family.

The steps below instruct users on mapping the HBT-40 and HBT-30's button to Zello's PTT button. Please note that this guide instructs users to apply toggle mode to their PTT button once paired, which means you'll press the button once to when start recording your message, and and then again to stop transmitting your message.

1. Open the Android settings and select Programmable key.

Screenshot_2016-04-11-16-26-01 (1).png

2. Under Programmable key, select either Zello or Zello for Work.

Screenshot_2016-04-11-16-26-12 (1).png

3. Open the Zello Menu and go to Options > Push-to-talk button. From the Select push-to-talk button drop-down menu, select Custom.  Press and hold the button on the headset to pair, then change the Push-to talk-button action to Toggle mode. 

Screenshot_2016-04-18-14-39-08 (1).png

Find a dealer to buy yours here: http://www.davidclark.com/dealers/intlDealers.html.