Configuring the Telo TE390 for Zello

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Zello Paid support

Configure your device settings

Before installing Zello, use the knob on top to change your device settings if needed. Go to SETTINGS, then press down and turn the selector knob to see each setting option. When done, long press to return to the SETTINGS screen.

Installing the Zello app and creating an account

Since the device doesn't have a screen, you'll need to use a computer to configure it.

  1. Download an Android remote control application to your computer. For example, Vysor is one such app that works on both Mac and Windows PCs. 

    NOTE: Zello is not affiliated with, nor endorsing, Vysor

  2. Connect the TE390 to your computer using a USB cable

  3. Use Vysor to configure the device and download Zello for Android from the Zello website

  4. You may be prompted to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed. Tap SETTINGS>OK and turn on the Unknown sources setting to allow the installation to proceed. Install blocked.png      Security setting.png
  5. On the homescreen, go to File Manager, locate the Zello .apk file, and click on it to install Zello

  6. Tap OPEN to open Zello in Vysor 

  7. If you do not have a Zello account, create one now. If you already have an account, log in with the account username

  8. You should see RECENTS in the OLED screen on top.

Creating Zello channels and contacts

For the free app, use steps in the Android User Guide to add the channels and contacts that you will use with the selector knob. If you already have existing channels and contacts, you can skip this task.

ZelloWork users must use channels and contacts created from the Management Console by your network Admin. Please contact your Admin for more information. 

Mapping the push-to-talk button and secondary buttons

The Telo TE390 is pre-mapped for Zello PTT and ZelloWork Emergency Alerts. No additional mapping is required. 

Using Zello with the selector knob

The TE390 radio includes a knob (with no stop or markings) that allows you to switch through all your contacts and channels. There is no limit on the number of contacts or channels you can access on the selector knob.

To switch between different Zello screens (RECENTS, CHANNEL, CONTACTS), push the knob down. Turn the knob to scroll down through your recents/channels/contacts. When done, push down to cycle through your screens again.