Configuring Zello on a Talkpod N50 network radio

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Zello Paid support

Zello's Android app supports screenless network radios like the Talkpod N50 shown below: 


Follow the steps below to set up and configure Zello for the Talkpod N50.

Installing the Zello app and configuring an account

Because this device doesn't have a screen, you'll need to use a computer to configure it.

  1. Download an Android remote control application to your computer. For example, Vysor is one such app that works on both Mac and Windows PCs. NOTE: Zello is not affiliated with, or endorsing, Vysor
  2. Connect the Talkpod to your computer using a USB cable
  3. Use Vysor to configure the device and install Zello from Google Play or the Zello website.

Creating channels and contacts for the selector knob

Name your channels and contacts by adding a two-digit numerical prefix indicating it's position on the knob to enable channels / contacts switching using the hardware knob on Talkpod radio. As an example, "01 Station HQ" would be the first knob selection, while "02 EMS" would be the second knob selection. Up to 99 channels and contacts combined can be mapped. 

Note that those display names are created and managed centrally in the Zello Work Admin Management Console. The Admin for your network should use the Management Console to create channels and contact usernames with the same two-digit prefix naming convention as the free app.

Mapping the push-to-talk button and secondary buttons

  1. In the Zello app, go to Menu>Options>Push-to-talk buttons
  2. Click the Add (+) icon, then press the PTT button on the side of the device. The Zello PTT button will be added to the list
  3. Repeat for additional buttons
  4. For each button added to the list, you can edit button details and select a specific channel or contact to key up with when the button is pressed. This is especially useful for secondary buttons. For example, you can have secondary buttons mapped to an emergency channel or contact so they are always accessible.