Setting up the Sonim XP3, XP3plus, XP5s, and XP5plus devices

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The Sonim XP3XP3plusXP5s, and XP5plus do not support the Google Play store, so you won't be able to download Zello onto them directly. Additionally, as a security feature, only apps that are pre-approved by Sonim will run on these devices. If you attempt to download an app without a Sonim signature, the installation may fail, or it may not work properly. There are three methods to load Zello onto these devices: 

  1. Direct download of the Zello for Sonim APK
  2. Contact Sonim Support 
  3. Virtual Download via the Sonim CLOUD management software

Please note that regardless of the method you use, the .apk currently supports Android 5.0 and higher. 

Method One: Direct download of the Zello for Sonim APK

The simplest method is to download Zello directly onto your Sonim device. To ensure that Zello will install and work properly, you must download the most recently signed .apk file with Sonim's signature from our website. To facilitate download, copy the download link and send it as an email or text message to your device:

During installation, you may see a screen requesting for you to verify that you want to install an app downloaded through your browser. Accept this request in order to proceed with the installation. 

After installation, sign in with your Zello Work network name, username, and password. The easiest way to do this is with a Sign On Link from your Zello Management Console. 

Method Two: Contact Sonim Support 

If you are demoing Zello on Sonim products, the quickest way to get the app onto your device is by reaching out to Sonim’s Demo Support team. Please reach out to with the following information: 

  • Your Company Name
  • App name (Zello) 
  • Device Model(s)*
  • Device IMEI(s)*

Once Sonim has received your email, they will use the IMEIs to download the app to your phone. Typical response time within business hours is >2 hours. 

*Device Model and IMEI can both be found by going to Settings > About Phone from your Sonim device. The fields you are looking for are Model & hardware and IMEI.

Method Three: Virtual Download via the Sonim CLOUD management software

For long-term use of Zello on Sonim devices, we recommend using the Sonim CLOUD Console to download Zello and sign into the app*. Before you begin, sign in or create an account on

* Signing in to the app from Sonim Cloud is currently only available for some devices (listed below).

Part One: Add your Devices to Sonim CLOUD

1. Before adding your devices to the system, you will need to create one or more device groups. It will not be possible to virtually download Zello to your devices later on in this process if they are not in a device group. To create a device group, go to Devices > Device Groups.


2. Click on Add Device Group.


3. Name your Device Group and hit save. If you need help configuring other settings on this page, contact Sonim Support at

4. Upload your devices from the Devices Tab of your Sonim CLOUD Console. You can either add your devices one by one or use their Bulk Upload feature. Make sure that either way you choose to upload your device that you are adding it to your Device Group.


Part Two: Install Zello on your devices

1. Once your device list is in place, you will need to use the App Updater Tool to install Zello onto all of your devices. From your Sonim CLOUD, go to App Updater > Add New. 


2. Fill out the required fields for the App Updater tool. Please note that if you have more than one model of Sonim devices that you will have to create a separate app for each. The application file can be downloaded by clicking here. For help with using the App Updater tool, please contact 


3. Link your App Updater file to your Device Group(s). From the App Updater Page, select the Link icon on the Zello file.


4. Select your Device group(s) and click Add. Your devices will now begin immediately being downloading the Zello application. The timeline for the installation of the app will depend on the settings you selected when you created the App Updater file.


Part Three: Log in to Zello on your Devices

1. Automatic login is only supported on the following Sonim devices: 

    1. XP3plus / XP5plus
    2. XP8 (Android 10)
    3. RS60 
    4. RS80
    5. RT80

2. If your device(s) is none of the above, then you will need to manually log the device(s) into Zello. The easiest way to do this is with a Sign On Link from your Zello Management Console. 

3. To automatically sign your eligible devices into Zello, go to Provisioning within your Sonim CLOUD console. Click Resources.


4. Select Zello from the list of Resources. Click the + sign to create your Zello Resource.


5. Fill in the fields required by creating a name for your Zello resource, entering your network name as a URL (https://[networkname], and uploading a CSV with the following information for your devices (download template here): 

    1. IMEI*
    2. Username
    3. Password

* You can generate a list of IMEI’s for all devices in your Sonim CLOUD by going to Reports > Enterprise Account Details. You can then download the list as a spreadsheet. 


6. Click Upload at the bottom of the page to create the resource.

7. Once you have created your Zello resource, you will have to assign it to your Device Group in order for the login information to be sent to your devices. Navigate to the Device Groups page as you did in Part One, step 1. Click the Edit icon of the desired device group. 


8. Under Setup, navigate to the Zello dropdown menu and select your desired Zello resource.


9. Click Update at the bottom of the page to save the configuration. All devices with Zello installed will then be automatically logged in via IMEI matching.