Adding Dispatchers and Drivers to a Dispatch Channel

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Dispatch channels are configured specifically for the needs of frontline transportation workers. In this channel type, dispatchers can reply to drivers in one-to-one messages, which decreases the amount of chatter drivers hear on their network—in turn minimizing distractions for critical frontline workers and helping to create a safer work environment. 

Dispatchers will find Zello's Dispatch Hub helpful in carrying out their daily duties. Please note, however, that Dispatch Hub's use is not limited to this channel or user type; anyone who use Zello Work on their PC can utilize Dispatch Hub. Learn more about Dispatch Hub. 

Adding Dispatchers and Drivers

Dispatchers and Drivers can be added to either a new or existing channel. 

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     Sign in to your management console using the URL [your network name] Navigate to the Channels tab and click + New Channel.

    2) Enter a name for your channel and choose Dispatch as your Channel Type. Click Create.

    3) Select the users that should be assigned as Dispatchers and those that should be assigned as Drivers. Click Add dispatchers and Add drivers (respectively) to save your settings.

    Note: if you have users who are both drivers and dispatchers depending on the day, add them as Drivers. They will automatically be considered Dispatchers just by using the Dispatch Hub app.

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    From the management console's Channels tab, select the intended channel. Then, click the + icon at the top-right of the Users pane.

    2) Select the users that you'd like to add as Drivers (aka, non-Dispatchers) by clicking the checkbox next to their name and selecting “-” for their role. (Alternatively, if you'd like them to be assigned as dispatchers, select Dispatchers from the dropdown.) Then click Done

Enabling Dispatcher:Dispatcher Communications

The default setting allows dispatchers to send channel messages to non-dispatchers; if that is your preferred setting, you can skip this section. The steps outlined below guide admins through enabling dispatcher-to-dispatcher communications. 

    1. Under the channel's Roles pane, click the role's settings icon. 
      dispatcher role.png

    2. From the Type dropdown, select Speak to Selected roles. Then, click the checkbox next to Dispatcher. 
      speak to selected roles dispatch.png

Please note: This only applies to Mobile Dispatchers, as Dispatch Hub does not yet have the capability to send channel messages to other Dispatchers through the dispatch channel. This can still be accomplished by creating a separate channel for dispatchers to talk to one another.