How to Migrate to the Universal Zello Android Application

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Starting with upcoming version 4.107 of Zello for Android, we will no longer provide updates for the 'com.pttsdk' and 'net.loudtalks' Android packages. All customers using these Android packages will need to migrate to the universal Zello app ('com.loudtalks' package name) to continue receiving application updates. This document explains how to determine if you need to take action, outlines the steps necessary to perform the migration, and answers frequently asked questions.

Do I need to migrate?

Yes, you should migrate if either:

  1. Your Android package name of the Zello app in your MDM is either net.loudtalks or
  2. Your app icon on your Android device looks like this:
    icon on android.png

Note: You can confirm that you are already using the universal Zello app, if either your android package name is com.loudtalks or your app icon on your Android looks like this
loudtalks android icon.png

How do I migrate to the universal Zello app?

Note: The steps are different depending on whether you use the Zello Android SDK or not. If as a customer, you are using the Zello Android SDK, please follow these instructions instead.

Migration steps:

  1. Update your current Zello app package to version 4.106.3 or newer. This is necessary to ensure that the universal app will be able to detect and migrate configuration from the legacy app. If you use net.loudtalks, download the latest version from your Zello Work management console Releases Archive. 
  2. Install the universal Zello app, which is available from Google Play or as a direct APK download. The migration is supported beginning with version 4.106.3. 
    Note: If you are using a device with Android 5.0 or below, using the above links will not work. Please download using this link instead. 
  3. On the first launch of the universal Zello app, the settings and configured accounts will be automatically transferred from a legacy app, which will switch to work as a shortcut to open the universal app. If a legacy app is running at the time when the universal Zello app is installed, the universal app will start automatically.
  4. After confirming successful migration by testing the app, including any accessories, uninstall the legacy Zello package.

Please note that when managing a large number of devices it's always a good idea to perform a test run to migrate a small set of devices before implementing it for the entire fleet.

How do I rollback the migration?

If after deploying the universal Zello app you encounter any issues, you can roll back the migration by uninstalling the universal app, which will re-enable the legacy app including all stored accounts and settings. For rollback to work, you must perform it before removing the legacy Zello package from the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did Zello decide to discontinue the 'com.pttsdk' and 'net.loudtalks' Android packages?

Consolidating under a single app package allows us to better focus our development and testing efforts and provide more reliable apps. Zello Work customers using the universal app will benefit from automatic app updates via Google Play.

What happens if I don't migrate?

If you choose not to migrate to the universal app, your Zello app will continue to work. However, there will be no updates available including bug fixes or support for future versions of Android. We recommend that all customers migrate to the universal app as soon as possible.

Will I need to re-configure user accounts or hardware accessories after the migration?

No. The universal app is designed to automatically transfer all of the settings from the currently installed legacy app. The list of recent calls and communication history stored on the phone won't migrate to the universal app. 

Hardware push to talk button doesn't work on my Sonim phone after installing the universal Zello app. How do I fix it?

Due to the way hardware PTT button assignment works on Sonim rugged phones, the button association by default stays with the app that was installed first. To make the hardware PTT button work with the universal Zello app, please uninstall the legacy Zello package or re-assign the button in settings.

Will application permissions be automatically transferred to the universal app?

No. From the Android OS point of view, the universal Zello app is a completely different application so the required permissions should be granted to it separately.

Do I need to migrate all devices at once?

No. The universal app is fully compatible with legacy packages so your devices running legacy packages will continue to be able to communicate with those updated to the universal app.

How will I receive the updates for the universal Zello app?

The primary way of delivering the updates will be via Google Play. Additionally the APK files, including previous releases, will be made available via your Zello Work management console.

What Android versions are supported by the universal Zello app?

The universal app supports Android 4.1 (API level 16) or later. A single APK is provided for all supported Android versions.

How can I continue using free Zello and Zello Work accounts simultaneously?

From your Zello Work console Releases archive install the Zello Work app, which is older than version 4.106 to prevent universal app migration. We are planning to support the ability to connect to your free and Work accounts simultaneously using the universal Zello app in the future.

I have a question which is not answered here, who do I talk to?

Please email us at or send a problem report from within the Zello app.