How to get your accessory listed on the Zello website

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Zello Paid support

Many Zello users are using the app while driving, listening in noisy environments, or working in quiet environments. This is why users need help with hands-free, loud, or discreet accessories. 

If you have a device that could help people push to talk in any of the scenarios mentioned above, there are a few ways to make your devices compatible with Zello. In return, Zello adds your products to our website so Zello users can find them easily. 

Complete the steps below.

  1. Make sure one of the buttons on your devices works as true PTT mode with Zello or toggle mode. This means that you should be able to map a button to Zello that behaves like press-talk-release. 
  2. Once you've insured your accessory works with Zello, tell us more about your accessory. Fill out this form with functionality information:
  3. Send a sample to Zello headquarters for verification. In order to be listed the website, Zello needs to keep at least one of each of the devices listed for testing. 
    • Address: 1317 West 6th Street, Austin, Texas, 78703. 
  4. Share images of your device with transparent backgrounds with minimum resolution of 1000px x 1000px.
  5. List Zello compatibility on your website with link back to our website so that Zello users can ensure compatibility.