Assigning PTT hotkeys in Dispatch Hub

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As of Dispatch Hub v.12.0.0, users will be able to assign specific keys on their keyboard to any contact or channel. This allows you to send voice messages without using your mouse to select a contact, even while the app is in the background of your desktop. Assigning a hotkey to a specific channel or contact will not interfere with the global hotkey assignment. This feature is available on both Windows PC and Mac, but Mac users will need to grant Dispatch Hub accessibility permissions in order to utilize this feature. 

Note: this feature is only usable in Dispatch Hub v. 12.0.0 or later. To utilize this feature, please make sure that you are on the correct version of Dispatch Hub.

Note: It is not possible to assign a hotkey to a channel where Channel Type = Dispatch

Note: You can’t assign duplicate hotkeys. 

1. Hover over the contact or channel to which you want to assign a hotkey shortcut. Click on the options icon:

2. On the options menu, click “Channel Settings” for a channel or Contact Settings for a contact: 

3. At the bottom of the Channel or Contact Settings window, click on the box that says Assign Shortcut:

4. Type in the character or combination of characters that you want to use to trigger the talk button for the channel/contact. In order to avoid accidentally sending a voice message, please choose a combination that you would not otherwise use when typing. You can select up to four characters to use as a hotkey. Additionally, hotkeys can’t contain more than one alphabetical character. 

5. Click “Done” once you have created a hotkey that you are happy with. 

6. You can now use the hotkey you created from any screen, regardless of if Dispatch Hub is in the foreground. When using a hotkey to send a message, a notification will appear confirming that you are sending a message and to whom. It will also let you know if transmission is not possible because the contact/channel is disconnected.