Team and Dynamic Channels on Dispatch Hub

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Our classic Zello channels are available in Dispatch Hub now as well. Dispatchers can now send and receive voice, photos and call alerts on their (new) dynamic and team channels. This means that dispatchers can stay informed in real time from drivers out on the road by receiving calls and regular channel messages now in Dispatch Hub.

How it works

The dynamic and team channels are situated at the very top. Here's what you can do:

  • Connect or disconnect from dynamic channels and for team channels with User Roles that allow users to connect and disconnect
  • See the number of connected users to the channel. That number is located under the channel's name.
  • Send and receive different types of messages, such as voice messages, call alerts (if enabled from the Roles) and images
    • Note: Users have to be online to send and receive messages
  • Replay or review the last message(s)
  • Send and receive emergency alert as a call alert labeled with “Emergency”
    • Note: Location is not yet supported
  • Get system notifications when you receive any messages
    system notification.png

How to enable

  • Update to the version 5.0.0 (which supports team and dynamic channels)
  • If no team and dynamic channels are available, feel free to add them