Sending and Receiving Photos on Dispatch Hub

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Dispatch Hub users can now send and receive photos to and from callers. Images are saved in your Zello app history for later use and calls can be initiated by simply sending an image.

A photo provides useful context that sometimes cannot be described through voice messages alone. Instead of describing an issue (e.g. package delivered, gate blocker) or copying information (e.g. invoice, order details), you can now take a picture from your Zello App on your phone and send that to your co-workers via Zello.

Receiving photos

  • Drivers can initiate a call with a photo now
  • Dispatchers will see that there is a photo waiting to be seen with the description photo in the most recent messages entry and a badge next to the username of the caller
  • The badge is dismissed if the photo is viewed
  • If a call with a photo is accepted:
    • When the user has the history panel open too, the photo will be automatically shown 
    • When the user is using dispatch hub in a one panel view, they will have to click on the badge to switch to the history and view the photo

Sending photos

  • In order to send an image to a driver, a call needs to be initiated
  • Images can be sent by clicking on the photo icon and choosing an image from the library
  • Images have to be of type JPG or PNG
    active call.png


Note: The photos feature is enabled by default