Understanding Statuses on Zello

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Statuses allow you to customize how you receive messages on Zello and whether you hear them live or not. The different statuses you can set yourself to are AvailableBusySolo and Offline (Standby).

Starting with Zello version 5.25.1, fewer status icons will appear across the app to make Zello simpler to use.

Status Meanings

available status.png When your status is Available, all incoming messages play in real-time. Available contacts will have a green dot icon on their profile photo.
busy status.png If you do not want to be disturbed, set your status to Busy to mute audio and save your messages to History. Busy contacts will have an orange dot icon on their profile photo.
offline status.png When you set your status to Offline, others will see you in Standby mode. When a contact is in Standby mode, they will be notified of any messages they received when they log back in. Contacts on Standby will have a green unfilled circle icon on their profile photo.
solo status.png If you would like to listen or talk to one contact/channel while muting conversations from others, set your status to Solo. You can replay any missed conversations from History at a later time.