How to Enable Full Names on the Map

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Zello Paid support

Beginning with v4.62 of the Zello Work console, you will be able to view labels on the map with more detail.

If you became a customer prior to August 21, 2020, this feature will need to be turned on by your network administrator. For all customers after August 21, this feature will be enable automatically.

How to enable

When you log into your console, click on the Map tab at the top. From there you'll need to turn on the settings "Show labels" and "Show full names":

show labels on map.png

How it works

Once you've enabled full names, the console will automatically update the label to show "Display name" field from the user's profile. If you are using a shared device the label will show the name the user typed in when selecting their shift. 

how map works.png

Additional notes

These settings are local to your browser. What this means for customers prior to August 20, 2020 is that if you have multiple users using the same administrator login on different computers, the setting will only be active on the computer in which the change was made. Each user will have to manually adjust this setting on their computer.