Using Zello Bridge With Radio Gateways

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What is Zello Bridge?

Zello Bridge is a software application that connects Zello channels to over-the-air radio channels through a gateway using a radio-over-IP protocol. Here is the conceptual diagram of the solution:Zello Bridge illustration.jpg

Zello Bridge offers the following advantages

  • Fully digital interface between Zello and hardware radio gateways
  • Encrypted and low bandwidth connection to Zello service
  • A single instance supports up to 16 independent links
  • Runs as a Windows service (Linux and Mac OS support will be available in the future)

Supported radio interface modules

The current version of Zello Bridge supports the following radio interface products from JPS Interoperability Solutions:

Zello Bridge installation

  1. Download the installation package using one of the following links:
  2. Run the installation package to install the application
  3. Zello Bridge service will start automatically
  4. Navigate your browser to the address.
  5. If the installation was successful, you will see a page similar to the following:

mceclip1 (2).png

Zello Bridge configuration

General steps

  1. Locate the zellobridge.json configuration file in Program Files\Zello\Zello Bridge folder
  2. Open the file in the text editor such as Notepad and edit to configure the connections for each of the links that you want to create (see instructions below for Zello connector configuration and JPS RoIP connector configuration).
  3. After finishing your edits, save your changes and click Restart button on the status web page at  to apply the new configuration
  4. If everything is configured correctly you'll see the link status similar to the following

mceclip2 (3).png

In case you encounter errors, check zellobridge.log file for additional detail 

Zello connector configuration

Zello connector allows you to link to any channel within your Zello Work network. In the configuration file this connector is identified by type set to zello-channel-api. To configure the connector you need to enter the following values:

  • channel_api_url -- Zello Channel API entry point. If your Zello Work network is mycompany, use the following value: wss://
  • username -- a valid username of an existing Zello user account within your network. Note that this username cannot be shared with any other devices or Zello Bridge links.
  • password -- the password matching the username that you use
  • channel -- a name of the existing channel in your Zello Work network. The user that you use in the configuration must have access to this channel configured in your Zello management console.

JPS RoIP connector configuration

JPS RoIP connector allows you to link to any JPS radio interface unit supporting the JPS RoIP protocol. In the configuration file this connector is identified by type set to jps-roip. To configure the connector you need to enter the following values:

  • remote_ip -- the IP address of the JPS radio interface unit
  • remote_port -- the port assigned to the JPS radio interface unit
  • local_ip -- the IP address of the computer running the Zello Bridge
  • local_port -- the port to be used by a connector on the computer running the Zello Bridge
  • jitter_buffer_size -- size of the jitter buffer in packets. Increase if you experience breaking audio, reduce to decrease the delay

Configuring JPS radio gateway hardware

Using the JPS radio gateway management interface, add a connection profile matching JPS RoIP connector configuration in the Zello Bridge. Use these values:


JPS radio gateway hardware configuration value

Matching Zello Bridge JPS  RoIP value

Connection mode



Remote address

Set to match ->


Remote port

Set to match ->


Local port

Set to match ->



ULAW or PCM 64kbps





For detailed instructions about configuring JPS radio gateway hardware, please refer to JPS product documentation.


  • Can I configure multiple radio gateways using the same instance of Zello Bridge application?
    • Yes. Zello Bridge supports up to 16 parallel links. Modify zellobridge.json configuration file to include a separate section object for each link that you want to set up. Remember that you need to use a different set of credentials for Zello connector in each link that you configure. A download link for an example file can be found at the bottom of this article.
  • When I navigate to I see a browser error or a webpage unrelated to Zello Bridge. Why?
    • A different application on your computer is using port 8810. To use another port for the Zello Bridge status page, modify the zellobridge.json configuration file and set listen_address to a different port. Save your changes and then restart the Zello Bridge windows service.
    • A Windows firewall might be blocking the zellobridge.exe service. Make sure to add it the exceptions list
  • Everything appears to be configured correctly, but the jps-roip status shows an error that reads, "Remote client is offline."
    • You may have a firewall or other network security feature either active on the PC or on the internet network that the PC is connected to. This will need to be disabled, or you can take steps to allow the Zello network connection through that firewall. This should correct the issue.

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