Can you run multiple instances of Zello Work?

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In order to have multiple instances of Zello Work on one computer with different settings, such as in the case of multiple gateways, you will need to properly configure your files. If you do not set up your instances correctly, all instances will use the same settings. This could result in gateway echo or duplication.  Zello can support up to eight instances of the app on one computer, however, this does not guarantee that your PC will be able to support eight different audio streams. 

Configuring Multiple Instances

1. Make sure that your Zello Work application is running version 2.66 or above. You can check which version of the app you are running by going to Help > About Zello Work. If you are running a version of the app 2.65 or below and need to install an updated version of the Zello Work app, instructions are at the bottom of this article

2. Make a copy of the Zello Work application by navigating to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86)

3. Scroll down to the folder called ZelloWork. Right-click this folder and select Copy

unnamed (4).png

4. Navigate back to This PC > Local Disk (C:)

5. Paste the Zello Work folder into the Local Disk folder. 

unnamed (5).png

6. Navigate into the Zello Work application folder and copy all of the following files using Ctrl + Click: 

    • Ptt.exe
    • Ptt.ini
    • Servers.config

unnamed (6).png

7. Navigate back to This PC > Local Disk (C:).
8. Right-click and select 
New > Folder

9. Name your new folder Zello Work 2. 

10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the number of instances that you need to configure. For example, if you need four instances, you will need to create and name three new folders. 

11. Click into your Zello Work 2 folder and paste the files you copied in step 6 into the folder. 

12. Navigate into the ‘ptt.ini’ file. This file is used to give your computer instructions upon Zello startup by overriding certain default values. 

unnamed (7).png

13. In the line that says “instance=”, name the instance of Zello Work. For example, rename the instance to “instance=Gateway 1” ensuring there are no spaces immediately before or after the equals sign.

14. Save and close the file.

15. For all instances of the Zello Work application, repeat steps 11-13. 

Note: you can accomplish the same results by changing the “portable=” in the ptt.ini file instead. Simply navigate into each instance and change the portable variable to “portable =1”. Do not change both the “portable” and “instance” variables.

16. Open and your new instances of ZelloWork, login, and verify that the name of the program follows this naming convention, containing the string that you added in step 13 as an instance name or portable value: 

Username - Network Name - Zello Work [Instance Name]

unnamed (8).png


Your instances of Zello Work should now work independently of one another. This means that you can change the app settings for each instance without interfering with the other instances. 


Optional Steps: Configuring your instances to run upon computer reboot

1. Open a new .txt file from your word processor of choice. This will be used to create a batch file. 

2. Insert one line for each of your instances with the following convention: 

    • START C:\ZelloWork\ptt.exe
    • START C:\Zello Work 2\ptt.exe

3. Save the file by going to File > Save As and navigating to one of your Zello Work instances in the Local Disk (C:) folder. Name the file ‘startzw.cmd’ 

4. Copy and paste the file into your computer’s startup folder. To pull up the startup folder, press the WinKey, type shell:startup, and hit Enter.

Addendum: Installing the Legacy PC App

1. Go to the homepage of the management console. From the home screen, click “release archives” under Service Status and Updates:

unnamed (9).png

2. Scroll down on this page to the “Legacy PC App” and download the current release version, as denoted by the green box which says “current.”

unnamed (10).png

3. Once downloaded, run the .exe file in order to install the Zello Work application.