Setting up Favorites

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For those customers with a large number of contacts and/or channels, it can often take time scrolling through the list or searching for who you want to speak with. Although you may find the Recents tab useful, if you receive many calls throughout the day, the person you want to speak with may not be present in the Recents tab.

With Favorites, you can designate who shows up at the top of your Contacts list.

android favorite.png ios favorite.png


You can also designate who shows up at the top of your Channels list

channel favorites android.png channel favorites ios.png

Favorite contacts or channels are highlighted in the list and marked with the Star icon. The star icon is also displayed in Recents.

How to add Favorites:

  1. From the menu on the talk screen (both iOS and Android) > "Add to favorites"
  2. From the menu after the long tap on the contact, channel or group (only Android) > "Add to favorites"
    android add favorites.png ios add favorites.png

You can remove a contact/channel from Favorites the same way as it was added ("Remove from favorites").

Favorites will not duplicate the existing contact/channel in the list, just move up to the top of the list. While searching, Favorites appear at the top of the search result. 

Each user can add up to 1000 items (contacts or channels) as Favorites. When the user adds items above this limit, the oldest is removed regardless of whether they were contacts or channels.

Ad-hoc channels cannot be added to Favorites. Also, the full list of Favorites cannot be viewed from within the Recents tab. You must visit the Contacts or Channels tabs to view the full list.

Note: If you have specified a Default conversation, the selected Default contact/channel will appear above the Favorites with a pin.

Favorites is now available in the Zello app with version 4.89+ for Android and version 4.90+ for iOS.