What is the Auto-Volume Feature? (Android Only)

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The auto-volume feature was introduced as a way to prevent users from missing messages after a period of inactivity. When this feature is enabled, the phone volume is automatically increased to a pre-set level, if the user has not received/sent other messages in the prior ten minutes. 

Note: If you don’t see this feature on your Android device, it is because you are running an old version of Zello. Please update your Zello app to v. 4.113.1 or later. 

Please note that this setting will only ever increase the user’s volume: if the user’s volume is already at 100% and the feature is set to raise the volume to 80%, then the feature will not decrease the volume to 80%. For this reason, it may be helpful to think of the setting as the minimum volume at which a message will play after 10 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, once the feature is used to increase the volume for a new message, the device will stay at that volume until the user changes it manually. 

Please note that this feature only works if the user has their status set to Available. Users who are in Busy or Offline status will still not receive messages in real-time with this feature. 

Turning on the Auto-Volume feature

For Zello Work users, the feature is off by default. It can be switched on in two ways: 

  1. The management console, which applies to all users in the network
  2. On the user’s individual device, which allows users to choose to use the setting or not.

From the management console: 

1. From your management console, go to Settings > Android

2. Toggle on the feature by choosing the volume level at which you would like the feature to be set, within the range of 40%-100%. 

settings android auto volume.png

3. Click Save and Apply to automatically apply the feature to all Android users on your network. 

From the Zello App: 

1. On your android device, click the three dots. Select Options.

2.From the options menu, select Audio

3.Toggle the feature On. Then, set the volume at which you would like for new messages to come in.
adjust volume android.png

 4. If the auto-volume feature is greyed out, the feature is pre-set from the management console. Users will not be able to turn the setting off or change the volume level from their device. Contact your Zello administrator if you would like for this setting to be changed. 
adjust volume android grayed out.png

Note: If the admin sets the feature within the management console but later decides to reset the setting to the default (Disabled), then the setting on a device will be reset to what it had been set as before the setting was configured in the management console.