Legacy Bluetooth Setting (Android)

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On some phones, you may need to enable Legacy Bluetooth settings in order to connect older devices. Androids tablets are most likely to have this issue. 

The setting forces the app to use an older version of the Bluetooth API to set up the recording functionality for the Bluetooth accessory. It should only be set to on if you know your device has issues with recording audio unless using the legacy Bluetooth API.

The only known setups that require a legacy mode are as follows:
  1. Any Android device paired with the Plantronics M70 accessory
  2. Any accessory paired with a Google Nexus 7 (gen 1) tablet

To access the setting: 

Once you sign in, if you click the three-dot menu and then go to Options and Audio, at the very bottom, you'll see an option for Legacy Bluetooth mode.

  • Auto: Zello will try to connect using what it thinks is the best method possible
  • On: Zello will always try to connect using Legacy Bluetooth Audio
  • Off: Zello will never try to connect using Legacy Bluetooth Audio. It forces the app to only use the new Bluetooth API for audio recording.