Mapping a hardware button to a specific contact or channel (Android)

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Zello Paid support

Zello users operating on an Android device can map a hardware button’s PTT functionality to a specific contact or channel. That way, messages sent via the accessory will be automatically delivered to a predefined channel or user.

If you wish to send communications to a contact other than the one you've mapped to the hardware button, you can still use your Android device’s screen button. The mapping functionality does not limit who you can communicate with, but rather speeds up routine communications. 

This functionality works on both wireless and Bluetooth accessories. Learn more about Zello's certified accessories. 

Mapping the Contact or Channel 

  1. Tap the three dots located in the upper-right corner of your screen to open the Zello menu.

  2. Select Options > Push-to-talk buttons
  3. Tap the blue + symbol located in the screen’s bottom-right corner
  4. Press, hold, and then release the hardware button (often the volume button) on your accessory.
  5. Confirm the device’s name appears in the PTT buttons list. Then, tap the device to open its settings.
  6. Tap the downward-pointing arrow to open the Button contact menu. Then, tap Select.
  7. Select the intended default channel or contact for this device. 

Now, when you send a message with the hardware button in question, it'll automatically go to pre-selected channel or contact. This contact can be changed at any time, as can the PTT mode (hold to talk or toggle).