Dispatch Hub Updates

Zello Paid support
When a new dispatch hub update is available, a banner shows up asking if the user would like to update now or update later.
Update Now
If they choose update now, Zello will:
  1. Close the Zello app
  2. Install the newest version of the Zello app
  3. Launch the Zello app again
Update Later
If they choose to update later, Zello will update the next time the app re-launches. Here are two different ways to do this:
  • The user can reboot their computer, thus causing the Zello app to close and open again when the computer restarts.
  • The user can kill the app and then re-open it.

Note: If the user doesn't have permissions to install updates to Dispatch Hub, then these updates will not work. The computer administrator will have to make the installation from their end.