Using the MSI installer for PC Windows clients

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Starting with Zello Work for Windows PC v2.48, you can use the Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) to install and set up Zello Work PC clients. You can take advantage of all MSI features; however, the MSI installation requires an extra configuration step as follows.

Note: This article is only relevant to the Legacy PC app MSI installer. It is not relevant to the Dispatch Hub MSI installer. 

Configuring your PC for MSI 

  1. Go to to download the MSI installer
  2. Answer any prompts to allow Zello to be installed on your PC.

Please note that MSI files don’t support SHA-168 digital signatures, so outdated Windows versions such as XP and Vista may report the setup package as unsigned.

Installing MSI at different user interface levels

MSI packages can be installed using different user interface levels.
Completely silent installation accepts the Zello server address as a parameter named "ZELLO_SERVER". The ZELLO_SERVER parameter is case-sensitive and must be in uppercase. In the following examples, the parameter is set to the server address of "" for a network named "mycompany59":

msiexec /q /i ZelloWorkClient.msi /l* Install.log ZELLO_SERVER=""

If the ZELLO_SERVER parameter is omitted, the installation will be successful; however, the app will run the configuration wizard (shown in step 9 below) at first launch to complete the installation.

UI-enabled installations can also utilize this parameter. The specified value will be copied into the UI, so additional input by the user is not required:

msiexec /i ZelloWorkClient.msi /l* Install.log ZELLO_SERVER=""

  1. Initially, the Welcome Screen is displayed.
    msi welcome screen.png
  2. Click on Next to continue
  3. Type in the destination folder name
    destination folder name.png
  4. If you didn't pass the ZELLO_SERVER parameter already, type in the network server address or the location of your On-premise Server. Network server addresses would have the format "" while an On-premise Server would have an address such as ""
    zello network server.png
  5. If you leave the field blank, the configuration wizard will display a second screen, again asking for the network server address or the On-premise Server address
    connect to zw network.png
  6. Type in the appropriate address and finish the wizard to return back to MSI installation
  7. The Finish screen will display after the installation has completed successfully.
    completing zw setup.jpeg