Windows Phone ZelloWork Start Guide

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Installing ZelloWork app

To ensure you log in to your ZelloWork account, be sure to switch to ZelloWork. Follow these steps.

1. Search for Zello in Windows Marketplace on your Windows phone.

2. Install Zello.

3. Select “ZelloWork sign in”.



4. Enter your ZelloWork username, password and network. Use just the name of your network. For example, in, use just mycompany


5. Tap the check mark.

Your ZelloWork account appears in the Accounts list. Choose a channel or a contact to start talking.

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Contacting users

You can talk to your contacts when they appear online.

1. Select the username. 

2. Press and hold the big push-to-talk button. The button should turn red when messages are being transmitted.


3. Say something.

4. Release the button when you finish talking. The button will go back to yellow when not transmitting messages.


Managing your status

To change your status, tap the Menu button and tap on the drop down menu next to available to change your status.



Status types

  • Available: User is online and all incoming messages play in real-time.
  • Solo: Listen to one channel without disconnecting from all of them or talk to a selected contact and all messages will go to Recents so you’re not interrupted.
  • Busy: User is not available and Zello saves messages in History for listening when it’s convenient.
  • Offline: Zello automatically changes the status to Offline when not used for seven days. The user can’t receive offline messages. However, Zello keeps the messages sent prior to going offline.
  • Standby: The user isn’t running Zello, but can still receive offline messages. (This is not an option as it's based on a user exiting the Zello app. But this is what others see when they check a logged out user's status.)

As long as you're not in Solo, you can receive calls from anyone while you're talking to a contact.

Using Solo mode

If you want to listen to one channel or contact only, tap on the menu button, and select "Solo" from the list of statuses. 

Solo mode allows you to tune out all channels and individual contacts except for the selected one. Incoming messages from other channels you’re not viewing will go in Recents.

As long as you are in solo mode, you will see the blue symbol at the top right of the screen. If you want to listen to everyone's messages as they are received, change your status back to available.

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Talking in a channel

To talk in the channel, tap the channel name and push the big button when you want to talk. As long as no one else is talking, you can talk away.

When you’re connected to channels, you’ll hear every conversation for all active channels. To disconnect from a dynamic channel, tap the Disconnect Channel icon.

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For more info about the type of channels available with ZelloWork, please refer to this article.

Sending call alerts

You can send sound alerts and text messages to a contact. The receiver will hear a sound or feel vibration that repeats every minute until the person responds or clears the alert. You can add a text message or links to the alert.

To send a call alert, tap the Alert icon from a contact's talk screen, enter optional text and select “Send.”

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Mapping a hardware PTT button

Your camera button is mapped to Zello by default. You have to be on a contact for the camera button to work as the PTT button. 


Listening to History

Here are the steps to listen to messages.

1. Select a username from Recents, Contacts or Channels.  

2. Select the History icon on the bottom of the talk screen.

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3. Tap a message to listen or press the play/pause button to listen to the list of messages.