Overview of Zello Work

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Zello Work is a managed, secure push-to-talk (PTT) subscription service for organizations and businesses. 

Basic Features

The base Zello Work plan includes: 

  1. Web-based Admin Management Console
  2. Client apps for Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Windows Mobile
  3. Option to use our cloud or self-host with the on-premise server 
  4. LMR gateway to connect to existing 2-way radios
  5. Strong end-to-end encryption of all communications
  6. Unlimited channels
  7. Unlimited users per channel
  8. Conversation history saved on the device
  9. Availability status (Available, Busy, Standby, Offline)
  10. Location Tracking
  11. Call and channel alerts with persistent alerts and optional text
  12. Ad-hoc groups created on-the-fly
  13. Texting 
  14. Image sharing and profile pictures
  15. Compatibility with a wide range of accessories
  16. Option to add or decrease the number of users at any time
  17. Option to pause/cancel subscriptions at any time.

Advanced and Premium Features

For networks that require more advanced or custom features, we offer: 

  1. Message Vault for network message archival/retrieval and usage analytics 
  2. Premium Maps with real-time tracking, breadcrumb, and Google Maps
  3. Crosslink to connect with other companies with Zello Work networks
  4. Emergency Alert button for SOS and lone-workers
  5. Clone User and Import User to easily add new users singly or in large groups
  6. SignOn Links for automatic installation on user devices
  7. User roles to manage users in a channel
  8. Tags to designate Sub-Admins to manage groups
  9. Customizable settings for alerts, users, and devices, accessed from the management console.

NOTE: Premium features such as Message Vault, Premium Maps, and Emergency Alerts are available for an additional monthly charge. 

Zello Work Setup

The basic process is: 

  1. Sign up online for a free 14-day trial network
  2. Create user accounts and channels
  3. Download and install the app on user devices
  4. Use it!
  5. Select the service plan that fits your needs

For detailed steps on installing and setting up a Zello Work network, please see our Getting Started Guide.