Dispatch Analytics: an overview

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If you have dispatchers on your team, Zello now has a way for you to see some insights into their day to day activity on Zello. These insights will help you understand how your team is performing in general and when your team or individual teammates may need more help depending on busy times. 
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How to start using Dispatch Analytics

  1. Make sure your team is using the right channel type: Dispatch Channels.

  2. Make sure you’re the primary admin of your network or that you have full web console access.

  3. Log into your Zello Work console: [network_name].zellowork.com and click on the menu item called “Analytics”, or go to your Dashboard → Dispatch Analytics.

What you can do in the Dispatch Analytics page

  • Use the Dispatcher filter to see the metrics for the individual dispatcher you would like to see.

  • Use the Via Channel filter to see the metrics part of the individual channel you care about seeing.

  • Use the time period filter (defaulted to show “Today”) to see the data for time period desired.
    dispatch time period.png

  • Click on the data labels “New Calls”, "Calls Transferred" or “Calls Handled” to toggle lines on and off.
    calls handled.png




Aggregation Method

New Calls

Calls created by a dispatcher or a driver. All calls are counted whether they were accepted or not.

Total count

Calls Handled

Calls that have been closed either by a dispatcher or driver are considered as handled.

Total count

Calls Transferred

Calls that have been moved back to the pending list or transferred to another dispatcher.

Total count

Active Dispatchers

Dispatchers who accepted or started at least one call.

Total count

Time to Answer

Time from the moment the call entered the pending list to when the dispatcher accepted the call


Calls Length

Time from the moment a dispatcher accepted the call to when it was ended.


Note: The timezone used to show the above metrics will be dependent on your time zone.