Adding direct contacts for users

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Zello Paid support

Zello Work users can only privately and individually message others if the two users are direct contacts. Direct contacts may be created in two ways:

  • By an admin through the admin management console
  • Through certain channels. If users are in the same team or hidden channel, they'll automatically be added as direct contacts for each other and can communicate one-to-one. 

Admins: Add Direct Contacts for Users 

If you'd like to establish users as direct contacts that aren't already—for example, users in a dynamic channel—follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to the management console at [yournetworkname]

  2. Select Users from the taskbar. Then select the user you'd like to add contacts for.
    taskbar users.png

  3. From the user's profile, click the + button at the top-right corner of the Direct Contacts section.
    plus direct contacts.png


  4. A list of all network users will appear. Select the users you'd like to add as direct contacts—or check the Select all box at the top-right corner if you'd like everyone to have 1:1 communication capabilities—then click Done. Once added, all direct contacts will be listed under the Direct Contacts section of the user's profile. 

    add direct contacts.png

  5. To delete direct contacts, use the search tool at the top-right corner of the box to find and select the intended deletions. (Alternatively, you can click the checkbox at the top-left corner of the box to select all users.) Once the correct users have been selected, click the - button. Then select Remove contacts

    remove contacts.png