Enabling location sharing for users

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Zello Paid support

Location sharing can be enabled for Android and iOS users. Windows PC users are not able to share their location but can receive location information from Android and iOS users. ZelloWork Admins can enable this feature from the Management Console.

Using location sharing, users can send their current location to a contact or a channel, including Ad-Hoc channels. The recipient receives an approximate address along with a map view. Here is how it looks on the user device: How do I share my location?

The data usage per location shared with a channel or contact is about 500 bytes.

Enabling location tracking for users

  1. From the Management Console, select Settings from the taskbar
  2. Select Android and/or iOS from the right side-bar to see the settings for each platform
  3. In the General section, toggle on the Location sharing setting

    location sharing enable.png

  4. Tap Save and Apply.