Customizing audio and vibrate alerts on user devices

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Network Admins can set audio and vibrate alerts by using Settings>Platform [Android, iOS, Desktop, or Windows Mobile]>Alerts from the Admin Management Console. The Admin can also set the volume for all alerts from 0 to 100%. The console settings are the defaults for devices whenever a new user is added to the network.

How to lock settings on the console

To prevent users from changing settings on their devices, toggle the setting to display the blue reverse circle icon. 

circle icon.png

This locks any value set on the console. Remember to reset the value if needed, as toggling also changes the default setting. To reverse back to the default and unlock a setting, click on the icon again to clear it. Locked settings on user devices are grayed out on both Android and iOS. 

Customizing audio and vibrate alerts for Android

The following steps are performed on the user's Android device:

  1. From the app menu (3 vertical dots), select Options
  2. Select Notifications

    settings notifications.png

  3. Settings showing a locked icon cannot be edited. Select an unmarked alert to customize. A pop-up menu displays where you can change to the Default, use your own Custom .wav file, or set to None 

    settings with locked icon.png

Customizing audio and vibrate alerts for iOS

The following steps are performed on the user's iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) device:

  1. From the main menu, select Options
  2. Select Alert tones / vibrate
  3. From the Alert tones / vibrate screen, you can select alerts to turn off/on or customize with their own .wav file. The file must be uncompressed and 1MB or less 

    customize alerts ios.png

Customizing audio alerts for Windows PC Legacy App

Note: this feature is not currently available for Dispatch Hub.

The only alert setting available on the Management Console for Windows PC is "Repeat call alert signal". In order to customize other alert sounds for these devices, follow the steps below. Only .wav files are allowed for custom alerts. 

On the Windows PC, put the .wav sound files in the directory \program files\Zello@Work\Snd.

  1. Select Tools>Sound alerts>Change... and select the sounds you want to customize

    tools sound alerts pc.png

  2. Select the file or browse another folder with sound files
  3. Select Open
  4. Select Test to hear the new sound.