Zello Work for Events

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ZelloWork has been frequently used at events. Using our app is a natural fit--everyone gets access to communication, save money compared to radio and flip phone rentals, and add more features besides voice.

Below you will find a guide that contains everything you need to know on how to set up Zello for your event. 

What is Zello?

Zello is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) app that enables your phone or smart device to work like a walkie-talkie.  You can use it on an iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, and on Windows PC.

Zello is an Internet, cloud-based service, so it will work anywhere in the world on WiFi or cellular data networks. Your communications will be kept secure and private using military-grade encryption!

Hint: Zello is perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) use.  Your event staff uses their own phones, so no more ordering and shipping radios or PTT phones!

Zello will allow you to easily communicate with your staff:

  • Contacts: one-to-one private calls
  • Channels: one-to-many all-calls
  • Ad Hoc Channels: choose multiple Contacts and create a Channel on the fly

Communicate with live-voice and also send images and text messages (Call Alerts).  
A History of all your communications will be saved on your device.

Let’s get started!

First, you’ll want to create your private Zello Work network. There you will enter your contact information and a unique name for your network. You can think of your network as your account.

create network.png

Hint:  Choose a name that is relatively short (6 to 10 characters) and easy to remember.

By default, an administrator account will be created for accessing your private Management Console. You can access the console to manage your network at https://YourNetworkName.zellowork.com.

Hint:  The username for accessing the Console is always “admin”.

Next, you will be prompted to begin creating User Accounts.  You must create at least one User Account and you can create more later through the Console.

Hint:  Use generic usernames like “device1, device2, etc.”, because later you can add more specific and detailed names from the Console.

Click “Continue” and you will find a link to download the Windows PC app or three ways to provide your users access to the Android app.  Apple requires that iOS users download apps from the App Store on their iPhone or iPad.

After installing the Zello app on your smart devices you can begin using Zello with the User Accounts you created or Click “Continue to Dashboard” to access the Console.

welcome to zello work.png

Optional Features

  • Message Vault: keeps all of your communications in your Console for review and download
  • Premium Maps: tracks the location of your users and offers enhanced Google maps.

The network you just created is a free demo account with limited time access to the base and premium features of ZelloWork. After that you can use the Billing page of your Console to increase your Subscription with a payment by credit card.

Management Console

More detailed information can be found in our Management Console Guide, but here are the highlights of what you will need and some hints on ways to optimize Zello for use in your events.


This page of your Console is a summary of your ZelloWork network and again provides access to the Zello app.

The gray navigation bar at the top of the page will allow you to access different pages in the Management Console.


Here you will see a list of your User Accounts and their Channels assignments.  By default, all users will be assigned to an Everyone Channel.

Click on a “Username” and you can edit the Display Name and Position.  In most cases, Direct Contacts probably won’t be needed because the Everyone Channel automatically assigns Contacts.

Hint:  Use full names, titles or responsibilities in a consistent manner to improve finding staff members in the Zello app.

You can also assign a User Account to a Channel.  More on Channels in the next section.

Upper right you will find an Import/Export feature.  This allows you to prepare a spreadsheet with your User Accounts for import just before the big event.  Clicking on the Import button provides information on the format for the import feature.


Hint:  Channels must be created before doing the import.


Channels are talk-groups that are typically created for each job function you may have at your event.  Examples: Everyone, Managers, Registration, Transportation, Food & Beverage, Audio Visual, etc.

There are different Channel Types with the most common being Team Channels.  However, the Dynamic Channel type allows your staff to turn off a Channel when they no longer want to listen to a Channel.

Hint: You can assign User Roles to limit which staff can turn off a Dynamic Channel.  An example could be that food and beverage staff can turn off all of the Channels except for Food & Beverage.

You can have an unlimited number of Channels and there is no technical limit on the number of users that can be in a Channel.

History (a.k.a Message Vault)

You will have the option with Zello to archive all of your communications for later review.  You can search for messages, replay, and download. This is useful for post-event review of staff activities.


Zello can also show you the location of your staff through location tracking. There is an optional Premium Maps add-on feature for an enhanced map view powered by Google Maps. Premium Maps also provides location history. The Map is viewed by any staff member you have given access to the Console via the User Account edit page.

Caution: The GPS location feature can cause the battery to drain faster than normal, so it is recommended that this be reserved for users who have ready access to a charger.


This allows you to control the way Zello functions on the device.  For more information please refer to the Settings Guide or contact sales@zello.com.

Upgrade (a.k.a. Billing)

Here you can increase the number of User Accounts in your network and enable optional features for your network.

Hint: It is recommended that you purchase your subscription before the event start date.  This allows you time to get things set up and time for your staff to download the app and test their User Account.

Now here is the best part!  When you begin your subscription you must initially pay for a full month.  However, when you are finished using Zello at your event you can cancel from this Billing page and you will receive a prorated refund based upon the days remaining in the month.

About the Zello App

Most of your staff should find Zello easy to use. Perhaps the important part is when on the talk screen they should press and hold the big PTT button (orange circle) until they hear the “chirp”, then talk and continue holding the button until they are finished talking.

  • Contacts: choose a staff member for private one-to-one talking
  • Channels: chose a Channel to broadcast one-to-many to all staff.
  • Recents: here is a history of all communications sent and received

Other features:

  • Camera icon: send a picture to other staff
  • Message icon: send a Call Alert (text message) to other staff
  • User status: Green with Check-Mark is Available (online) and Empty Green circle is Standby (offline)

For more information:


For large and noisy floor shows,  Zello recommends the use of audio-accessories to improve usage. Here are some options:

  • Standard Bluetooth earpieces are inexpensive and provide some privacy
  • Standard wired headsets can be used as well
  • Speaker/Mics can be loud and rugged

The Zello website has examples of compatible audio-accessories that you may want to consider for use at your events. There you will find links to buy and get more information.


The Zello Cloud service is monitored 24x7 and designed to always be available.  However, if for some reason you experience an issue or have a question please contact us. Paid customers will be provided an exclusive email to reach our support staff.

Hint: If you do experience a suspected outage the first step is to verify your Internet connection via a browser. Also, you can switch to a cellular data connection as an easy way to eliminate possible issues with your WiFi network. 

Hint: At the bottom of the talk screen you’ll see if you are “Available” (online) and in the lower right a network connection indicator.