How to set the Default channel from the Admin console

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Zello Paid support

As an admin, you can set the Default channel from the Admin console and have a consistent setup for all of your users in the field. For example, by selecting a Dispatch channel as the default for drivers you will eliminate the need for them to ever interact with the app (other than talking) reducing distraction and improving safety. 

  • You can only choose a channel as default, not an individual contact.
  • Once set from the Admin console, users will not be able to set their own Default channel
  • If a particular user is not a member of the channel, which was assigned as default in the Admin console, the console setting won't have any effect for them
  • To set different default channels for different groups of users you can create user templates 

Here are the steps to set the Default contact from the Admin console:

  1. Visit the settings page by going to Settings > Common  > General
  2. Select the Default channel from the drop-down menu.
    default channel.png
  3. Click Save & Apply

Please go to this link to read more about this feature.

Note: Default channel (contact) is currently only available on the Zello Android and iOS app. Setting the Default channel from the Admin console works with Zello version 4.91 and above on Android, and on Zello version 4.110 and above on iOS.