How do I turn off "Set Zello status to Busy" when my Android phone is on silent?

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When an Android is on Silent mode, Zello automatically changes the status from Available to Busy mode.  This setting can be turned on or off from the Android device itself or from the Management console.

Managing the Setting in the Management Console

Under Android Settings in the Management console, this setting can be toggled by searching Set Zello status to Busy when phone is in silent mode. 
set status to busy.png

Note: toggling off this setting in the management console prevents users from changing it on their device. 

Managing the Setting on the Android device

Go to Menu > Options > Behavior > deselect the checkbox next to Set Zello status to Busy when phone is in silent mode.
status busy in silent.png

Note: If there is a lock next to this setting, it is because it is locked from in the Management Console.  contact your Zello Work administrator to ask about changing the setting.