Testing audio on devices with the "echo" contact

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Zello Paid support

Zello uses a special contact named "echo" to allow users to test the audio on their devices. When a new Zello Work network is created, the "echo" user is created by default. 

In order to use the "Echo" robot to test device audio, it must be added to a user's contact list. 

Using echo to test audio on user devices

This is how the echo contact appears on an Android user's Contacts list. It is similarly displayed on an iOS user's Contacts list:

android echo.png

Users can use the echo contact to test their audio quality by speaking on the echo talk screen and then hearing the audio played back. This is the echo talk screen on an iOS device: 

androud ptt.jpeg

Note: You will be charged for having the echo user in your network. Feel free to delete it.