Initiating an Emergency Alert

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Zello Paid support

Zello Emergency Alerts can be initiated through any ad-hoc, team, or dynamic channel.

Note: Emergency alerts are a Premium Feature that must be added to your Zello Work subscription to use this feature. Click here to learn more. 

In a dynamic channel, disconnected users are still able to access the emergency alert button. Once they exit the emergency mode, they will remain disconnected from the channel.

To send an Emergency Alert:

  1. Select any channel from the Recents or Channels tab.
  2. Select the Emergency button.
  3. The user will enter emergency mode automatically in 5 seconds, or they may select Enter to enter the emergency mode immediately.
  4. If a user did not select the designated Emergency channel, they will be transferred to that channel immediately.

Once the situation has been managed, the user who initiated the Emergency Alert must end the emergency alert.

To end the Emergency Alert:

  1. Select the “Exit” button or select the “Back” button.
  2. Select “Exit” again to end Emergency mode.


  • Users in a dynamic channel must be connected to the channel in order to receive emergency calls.
  • All other Zello messages received during an active Emergency Mode will be queued and placed in History for playback at a later time.
  • Location services must be enabled for the user in distress to be able to send location information with an Emergency Alert.